Betking Booking Code for Nigeria

One of the leading bookmakers in Nigeria is BetKing Nigeria. The bookmaker has been operating since 2018, providing certain promotions and bonuses to please its users. The bookmaker offers its players high odds, attracting more and more users. The company set the bar high from the beginning, while strictly complying with them.

What does it mean to book a game?

betting booking

When you book a game, it means that you make a prediction of a game or selected matches on the BetKing website and make an individual code for those bets. You have the option of submitting the generated code both to the bookmaker’s offline store as well as to BetKing Sport’s online betting center to place a bet on the match of your choice. It’s worth highlighting that you don’t need to log into your gaming account to book a game from the website. Nigerian users may not have a personal account for this stage.

How to Generate BetKing Betting Code and Bet with It

This step is not anything complicated and a new user can also handle it. The process does not take much time so the user can quickly and easily do this process.

To book a bet on the site of the bookmaker’s office, you have to go to the official site of BetKing. This function is available to you even if you don’t have your account. If you don’t have one, you have the right not to log in. Select the sport you are interested in and want to bet on that game, and use the toolbar on the left side of the tools to do so. Select the specific tournament you want to bet on and the specific market you want to bet on by selecting the odds you are interested in.

Each selection you make will be provided in a coupon when you click on it. The coupon for your bet will be available on the right side of the toolbar during your selection. When you are finished making your selections, enter the amount you want to bet. After this step, the “Book Bet” feature will be available to you. Select this feature, and a booking code will be generated automatically individually for you. The code will look like a set of symbols and letters.

Every selection you make will be added to your coupon when you click on it. Your bid coupon will appear on the right side of the toolbar as you make your selections. When you have made all of your selections, enter the amount you want to bet. You will see an option to “Reserve your bet.” Click on it, and a reservation code will be generated automatically. The code is a combination of letters.

When you submit an individual booking code to any BetKing platform, you will submit your set of letters (code) to a BetKing manager who will help you place a bet on the specific amount of money you want to bet with. You simply need to enter that amount of money into the manager, after which he will reveal your coupon. If your bets turn out to be correct, you will need to go to the official site of the bookmaker’s office and withdraw the amount you won!

If you have a BetKing gaming account, you can also make a bet reservation. To do this, you have to log in to your account and select the section called “Betting Coupon” which is located on the right side, where the toolbar is on the right. There is a special section for entering betting codes. Provide the code that was made by the booked games. Enter the amount of money you wish to provide for betting and click on “Confirm Bet”. However, to confirm your bet, you must have the amount of money you want to bet in your Nigeria gaming account.

How to place a bet at BetKing

how to place a bet

It will take you a little time to make a bet, you have to log into your betting account and select the market you want to bet on. Select the odds you want and click on them. All the options that are available to you will be displayed on the right side of the toolbar. Enter the amount you want to bet and click on the “Continue” section. You will then need to confirm the bet, and the Nigerian player will be notified that the bet is placed. The amount you entered will automatically be taken from your betting account.

From the list

To place a bet from “The List”, you need to log in to your account and click on “My Account”. You will see a list of all your bets on the right side of the bar. Click on the button next to the side of a particular bet (you can also do this for repeat bets). Nigerian players have the opportunity to add or delete bets on games from the list.

Using a BetKing coupon code

Any Nigerian user who has a personal account can use bonuses. To do this, you will need to log in to your personal game account. To do this, you will need to enter the code in the special place that is under your coupon. Enter it, to use it. Once the coupon is loaded, click on it next to it. This will load your game into the correct department. The Nigerian player also has the option to remove or add the game to the remaining bets, then enter the amount you wish to bet. Good luck and have a good bet!

Booking for BetKing Mobile

booking for mobile

The mobile app is available for devices on all popular operating systems. It is a platform that has the same features as the official mobile site, so the user can bet wherever they are. The app has a unified brand style and colors, which helps to navigate the platform better and find the sections you need, even for new users. The player will also receive generous bonus offers when registering and playing in the mobile application. 

The striking difference of the BetKing Mobile app for users also makes the fact that it is perfectly optimized for devices and this fact makes betting convenient for many players in Nigeria. Use the instructions below to make betting easier and faster and to avoid mistakes. It won’t take much time.

  1. Use the browser of your mobile device and go to the official website of the bookmaker’s office;
  2. Log in to your gaming account or go through the registration process, click on the login section in the upper right corner, and fill in your login and password details;
  3. To go through the registration process, click “Join in” and fill in the required data for the game account;
  4. After you have logged into your account, go to “Deposit” and enter the desired amount using the method that is most convenient for you. Check the amount you’ve entered to see if it’s enough for a bet;
  5. Click on the “Menu” section in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.
  6. Select the sport you are most interested in betting on;
  7. Browse through the available leagues for that sport;
  8. For each league, view the available games and select your choice;
  9. If you have made your selection, click on the “Odds” section, which is in the middle at the bottom of the page;
  10. Check your selections to make sure everything is correct and you haven’t made any mistakes;
  11. Specify the type of bet you want to make: single, coupon, or system by clicking on the options above the screen;
  12. Enter the desired bet;
  13. Click on the “Place Bet” icon to complete the bet.

Betting patterns

Before you make a bet, choose the most interesting types of bets. They depend on how many games you want to bet on. 

  • Order – a bet on one game and its outcome;
  • Express is a bet in the form of a coupon in which a player can collect several outcomes of games, the maximum number is 16;
  • Live bet – a bet in real-time, when you have the opportunity to see what is happening in the match and bet on the outcome.

How to register in BetKing Mobile lite?

The registration process in the mobile app is identical to the registration process on the official website. All the data entered by Nigerian users are safely protected and will not fall into the wrong hands. Also, when you register with the mobile app in the mobile application you will get nice bonuses that will please each user. The process is as simple as possible and does not take much time, which will allow you to start playing on the BetKing platform earlier. You can get your personal game account on both your Android and iOS devices. To ensure that the process of registering and getting a personal account goes smoothly, pay attention to the information below. Have fun playing!


Step 1

Using any convenient browser, enter the official website of the bookmaker’s office in the “Mobile Application” section;

BetKing Mobile Lite page

Step 2

Click on “Join” in the top corner of the screen.

BetKing Mobile Lite page

Step 3

Enter your real cell phone number and click “Next”.

The BetKing app has focused on ease of navigation

Step 4

Think of a password and enter your first and last name. Click “Next” to go to the next step;

register in the app by entering your phone number

Step 5

Enter your email address, date of birth, and the state in which you reside;

Account security depends on password

Step 6

Check the box to confirm that you are an adult and over 18;

Account security depends on password

Step 7

Check the box to agree to continue receiving useful information from the bookmaker’s office;

enter your first and last name during the registration process at bet king

Step 8

Click “Register” to complete the process.

fill in the additional details during the registration process at bet-king

Since the law allows only adult users to gamble and bet on sports, the administration will ask you for photos of official documents, to make sure you are over 18. Photos must be of good quality and be real. In case the Nigerian player has not confirmed his identity and age, the administration reserves the right not to allow the player to bet on sports. The process of confirming the identity does not take much time, generally, the administration will check the authenticity of the documents within 1-2 hours. Once your account has become verified all the functions are open to you, and you can make deposits and bet on sports.

Mobile Payment Methods for Nigerian

payment methods

The bookmaker’s office has a wide variety of methods of payment and withdrawal. The user can choose any convenient payment method, whether offline or online. All methods are safe, so the user can easily get their money, in case of winning, as well as replenish the deposit for further sports betting on the platform of the bookmaker’s office. Below are the payment categories available to BetKing users:

  • Paydirect Bank Branch;
  • Bank Instant Deposit;
  • Payment Systems;
  • Opay;
  • Bank Apps;
  • ATM Deposits;
  • USSD Payment.
PAYDIRECT BANK BRANCHZenith, Keystone, Heritage Bank, EcoBank, Citi Bank,Access Bank, Wema Bank, Unity Bank.Min. NGN 100 – Max. NGN 10,000,000
BANK INSTANT DEPOSITZenith Xpath, Polaris Collect, UBA Collect, GTB Xpath.Min. NGN 100 – Max. NGN 10,000,000 – May take up to 24 hours.
PAYMENT SYSTEMSPaystack-Mi, Quickteller-Min. NGN 100 – Max. NGN 10,000,000.
BANK APPSAccess Bank Mobile App, GTBank Mobile App,Zenith Bank Mobile App.Min. NGN 100 – Max. NGN 3,000,000.
ATM DEPOSITS Quickteller BetKing ATM Deposit.Min. NGN 100 – Max. NGN 3,000,000.
USSD PAYMENTSGTBank USSD,Zenith Bank USSDMin. NGN 50 – Max. NGN 200,000

Contacts and Customer Support 


The betting office is deservedly one of the best betting offices in Nigeria. There is a permanent customer support service for the players, through which the user can ask a question or get an option to solve their problem. The support is completely free and there is no charge for this. Each user can contact the support team at any time using any of the options offered:

  • Cell phone – the phone number has international forms, so the call is free. If you call and there is no answer, the manager will call you back independently shortly;
  • Email – write an email to the official email address and you will get a guaranteed answer to your question;
  • Online chat – chat with the manager is available at any time 24/7, you can chat with the manager and get answers to your questions in real-time.


Are betting booking codes available to all users?

They are available to users who are of legal age as this is the gambling section. Users can only use the code for betting if they are at least 18 years old.

Can I use one code more than once?

The bet booking code is only available for one bet, for every other bet a new one will be generated for betting.

Are the reservation codes safe and legal?

Yes, the bookmaker’s office has a permit to operate and is completely legal. There is no need to worry about the issue of security, as user data is fully protected by encryption systems. If your bank card details have been stolen by fraudsters, you can contact support and get a refund.

What is the minimum amount to withdraw at Betting?

Unlike other platforms where the minimum withdrawal amount is 1000 NGN, the minimum withdrawal amount in BetKing is 5000 NGN.

Can I change my username?

No, you can’t. The username you chose during the registration process cannot be changed once you have created your BetKing account.