BetKing Terms and Conditions

  1. SV Gaming, operating under the name BetKing and registered in Nigeria with company registration RC 1419108, is pleased to present these general Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions” or “T&C”) that apply to all betting games offered by them.
  2. BetKing will provide betting services on a variety of platforms, including but not limited to Point-of-Sale (POS), Short Message Service (SMS) and Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD); herein referred to as ‘the service’.
  3. When you use our service, please familiarize yourself with the following terms and conditions. 
  4. This page and its terms shall be collectively referred to as “the Terms of Use”, while you, the individual using this Service, will be referenced as “User” or “Customer”. By accessing our Service and participating in any promotions we offer such as placing bets, you hereby agree to abide by these Terms of Use along with any changes that may arise over time.
  5. This Terms and Conditions agreement represents the final, comprehensive understanding between the Customer and the Company – superseding any previous statements, conversations or agreements made by either party’s agents or employees.
  6. By agreeing to the services of BetKing, customers guarantee that they have reached the minimum age as required by gambling laws in their respective countries. Still, regardless of legal guidelines regarding age requirements, BetKing does not accept anyone under 18 years old. As such, they reserve the right to verify any customer’s declared age and bar them from accessing its services if there is a suspicion that they are underage. For any customer found to be underage that uses our services, all their winnings will become void and their betting account (hereafter referred to as the “Account”) will be blocked immediately.
  7. The Betting company reserves the right to alter, supplement or substitute any of its rules, provisions and payout methods at any given time without giving prior personal notice. All bets placed before such changes will remain valid under their original terms while all future wagers are subject to these newly implemented alterations.
  8. Clients are solely responsible for preserving the confidentiality of their username and password details. The Betting company is committed to safeguarding Client information in secrecy, yet shall bear no accountability should any of it be revealed to an outside party.
  9.  If the Client can provide their login / gaming account number and password, all operations will be validated. The only limitation is the balance in their gaming account. Should they fear that these credentials have been lost or stolen, they may contact our Betting company administrator to modify their current password immediately.
  10. The betting company disclaims any and all liability for damages that arise from the use of its website or content within it.
  11.  Any unauthorized use of the content on this site, inability to connect to the website or access its contents, sluggish functioning, interrupted data transmission and communication lines due to technical faults as well as mistakes in typing errors will not be accepted. We strive for accuracy but do not guarantee error-free operation.
  12. The Customer’s use of the service is purely for personal entertainment, and not meant to serve any commercial or professional interests.
  13. BetKing cannot guarantee that all or any of its products will always be available and in working order. Therefore, the Customer waives their right to hold BetKing liable for any damages, losses, costs incurred due to a disconnection from or non-availability of said products – regardless of the reason behind it. Moreover, the Customer agrees not to seek compensation for lost profits caused by this disruption in service.
  14. BetKing cannot be held accountable for any harm or losses resulting directly or indirectly from our service, contents, or third-party content unless due to intentional misconduct and/or grave negligence.
  15. In the event of BetKing’s online betting system becoming congested or otherwise experiencing technical difficulties, customers are reminded that they cannot place bets until a resolution is achieved and BetKing shall take no responsibility for any losses incurred as a result.
  16. Unless specified, all times and dates provided abide by West African Time (WAT).
  17. Any exceptions made to the Terms of Use must be documented in written form to our Customer. We will not honor any verbal statements, regardless if they are from BetKing employees or affiliates, during arbitration proceedings.
  18. Where the Terms of Use do not provide guidance, any legal relationship between the Customer and Company relating to the betting contract is governed by Nigerian law.
  19. Nigerian customers are the only ones eligible to utilize our betting service, and payments must be made in Nigerian Naira (NGN).