Responsible Gambling at BetKing

No matter what type of game, whether it’s sports betting or a casino game, your money is at stake. You can win large amounts or lose it all in an instance. With this in mind, we ask that our players bet responsibly and take caution when placing real money wagers. At BetKing, we strive to provide a secure and fair environment for customers with the intention of preventing gambling addiction and minimising reckless betting behaviour. We guarantee our users an enjoyable yet safe experience.

BetKing Responsible Gambling Policy

It is essential that one exercise great responsibility while engaging in betting and gambling. However, many players neglect this fact. This can lead to not only financial difficulties but also compulsive gambling. To prevent the potential of developing an addiction and other money and personal issues, we urge our players to keep a few important principles in mind prior to wagering with real money:

  • When you engage in betting or gambling, regard it as a way to pass your free time and not an income source; 
  • Utilise BetKing’s services for entertainment reasons; 
  • Bear in mind that sports betting and online gambling involve risk and there is no guarantee of success. Therefore, be prepared for the potentiality that you may lose; 
  • Regulate your feelings. Don’t bet or gamble if you are distressed, have consumed alcohol, or are under medication. Approach wagering or gaming with a sound state of mind; 
  • Set boundaries on the amount of time you spend on the platform. Determine how much time is suitable to spend so that it doesn’t compromise other areas of your life;
  • Bet or gamble only what you can bear to lose; 
  • Attempt to stay away from instances where you might feel tempted to recoup losses.

How to Avoid Developing a Gambling Addiction

If you recognize any of the following signs in yourself, it may be a sign that you have developed an addiction to real money betting or gambling: 

  • Inability to control spending; 
  • Devoting most of your time to the platform; 
  • Borrowing money to place bets; 
  • Being willing to accept harm as a result of failing to win a bet; 
  • Becoming easily annoyed when other people comment on your gambling habits; 
  • Increasing stakes size; 
  • Playing solely for monetary gain rather than fun; 
  • Lying to friends and family about your gaming activities. 

If some or all of these symptoms sound familiar, you should take a break from the activity and consider self-exclusion from the platform for either a specific amount of time or forever.

How can I get help?

Gambling Therapy offers a wide range of services to help anyone affected by problem gambling. Along with free, practical advice and emotional support, Gambling Therapy provides live chat, email support and support forums so individuals can access the help they need. If you would like to close your account or have any questions related to our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.

Self-exclusion service

If you have identified yourself to be exhibiting signs of a gambling addiction, BetKing is here to provide assistance with its self-exclusion service. You can block access to your account for either 1 month, 6 months or 1 year. However, before the blocking process takes place, you must provide evidence that you are the owner of the account in question. To request a self-exclusion period, simply contact our customer service team. 

It is important to note that during this lockout period, no new accounts should be opened by yourself as we will not take any financial or other responsibility for any further betting activities that may occur with new accounts registered under your username and email address.