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A very large number of players from Nigeria would like to bet on fantasy sports betting, but they do not understand how this type of betting works. So if you want to bet on fantasy sports, then after a short period you will understand that everything is quite simple and easy here.

Fantasy Sports Betting

fantasy sports betting

People very often wonder what fantasy sports are. Fantasy sports is a virtual competition in different sports. In fantasy sports, you need to create your own team and compete against other players in leagues. The winner will be the one with the most points. Fantasy sports betting is already very popular. If you are bored with regular bets, then for a change, you should bet on fantasy sports. But before you start betting on fantasy sports, you first need to understand the rules in order to start raising money. Fantasy sports bets can only be placed on football. It is worth noting that goals scored in extra time or after a penalty shoot-out will not count. There are following football betting options such as:

  • 1X2 – this is where you will have to guess which team will be the winner. Also if there is an equal number of goals, then the winner will be X;
  • Goalscorer 1×2 – You will have to guess which player can score the most goals in certain matches. If we assume that two players were able to score the same number, then the winner will be X. The bet will be valid if these players started playing at the same minute, if not, it is in this case that the bet will not be valid;
  • More or less – it will be necessary to indicate how many goals will be scored for both teams, more or less;
  • Double chance – this is when you have to guess who will win in wagers;
  • A draw without bets is when both teams were able to score and it turned out to be a draw, in this case, the bets are not protected.
  • Goal or no goal – this is when it will be necessary to guess whether both goalscorers will be able to score in the match, or if one of them did not score or two at all for the entire match;

The Fantasy Sports Concept

We explain that the concept itself is rather simple. There are special virtual football leagues for this type of betting. First of all, the main task is to create your team, which will collect points based on the effective actions of the players themselves in matches. The rules stipulate how you match up and how you earn points, and it depends on which league you play in. For example, in football, players earn points by scoring or assisting. About the selection of players, it is possible to choose a certain number of players from your team and the choice of players in various positions. It is also worth noting that the team can be assembled within a certain flexible budget. After creating your team, you should check how it will work with other teams.

Betting on Your Fantasy Sports Team

There are some ways to create your team and bet on your team. One of the ways is that you have to pay money to enter the league, which will consist of some opponents and will be held at certain points in time. This period can be for 1 round of games or the entire season. The person who has his team and gets the most points for the entire period wins cash. It happens that in leagues the winner only receives a certain percentage of the winnings itself, and other prize money will be given to other participants in the league and will be given to them, but only those who are in the first positions. There is also another way, it lies in the fact that a person who has his team places a bet and wants to play against only 1 opponent. Both teams must place a bet on the same amount of cash and the team that makes more points will win, whoever did this will take the prize. We also want to say that the bet will be valid only for a certain period. Other ways can be used, but what has been listed above is about 2 ways, people use the most. Occurring everyday bets, this is also one of the ways, it is considered the most active. To perfectly familiarize yourself with this method, you can write to our support service, which will answer all your questions and help you solve them.

BetKing Bonuses and Promotions Code

bonuses and promotions

Bonuses and promotional codes will be credited only when they are included in the services.

BetKing Promo Code

It is worth noting that promotional codes can only be issued when there are any special offers.

BetKing Welcome Bonus

After registration and authorization, welcome bonuses will be credited to your account after you deposit funds into your account.

Deposit And Withdrawal Methods for Nigeria

deposit and withdrawal methods

To make a deposit, you should do the following:

  • You must enter the amount you want to receive;
  • After that, you will be transferred to other platforms;
  • You need to enter your data and then click on the “About the flight” button;
  • After that, you need to enter your OTR;
  • After all, you will receive the amount in your account.

To withdraw, you will need to do some things, such as:

  • You need to be authorized;
  • Then you should click on the “withdraw” button;
  • After you need to enter your data and amount;
  • You must click on the “Continue” button and within a day you will receive money.

Below there will be a table where there will be payment systems for withdrawal. Above was an example of how to log out of Interswitch WebPay.

  • Interswitch WebPay
  • QuickTeller Web
  • Opay App
  • Paydirect Bank Branch
  • eMailMoni
  • QuickTeller ATM Deposit

BetKing Customer Support


If you have any questions, you can ask our guide to the support service, it works 24/7 for us, to use support service, you just need to go to the official website of the bookmaker and use several communication methods, such as how:

  • Live chat;
  • Email address [email protected];
  • Twitter – @BetKingng or @BetKinghelp_;
  • Facebook – @BetKingng_;
  • Instagram – BetKingng_;


Legal online casino betting on fantasy sports?

Yes, betting on fantasy sports is legal at BetKing.

What currency can I bet in?

At the moment, you can only bet on the Nigerian Nayer.

What happens if my player does not enter the field in a real match?

You should replace him among those sitting on the bench.

Is it possible to change the team during the tour?

No, you can not.